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As some folks know a fellow known by some as "Furp" was killed in an traffic accident. hakeber has the news reports of the accident. The rather well known unclekage has a short post that's gotten many responses. badwox seems to to be planning a memorial motorcycle ride and there is now a remember_furp LJ community for folks to post their stories and such. film2edit has a few posts about all this, and she knew Furp far better than I did.

I didn't know him and really only barely met him, I think. I do recall him from my first time at RCFM. He was the guy who drove another guy (who happened to be a Guest of Honor that year) from Wisconsin to Alabama - and back again after the con was over. The Sunday evening after the convention was over there was a bit of an after party planned. I made arrangements to be there but left for some time to repair a fursuit fan setup for jugularjaguar. I screwed up and had to re-do some of my work, taking considerable time, and so I didn't realize until I got back to the after-party that there was a severe weather warning and there had been tornado reports at a rather late hour. I mention this as the morning after was bright and clear - but I saw Furp and his passenger also leaving as early as I was. Furp made a point of suggesting I keep a radio on for reports of severe weather and road conditions that might have resulted from the night before. It wasn't a paranoid warning, just a friendly comment. From what I've been seeing around LJ, that was nothing unusual for him. He was just friendly and tended to be helpful when he could be.

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