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YAQ: Cultures

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Your result for The Cultural Identity Test...

The Noble Traditionalist


You Scored 64% Traditionalist, Congratulations!

Brush off your Webster's Complete Dictionary, Vol. XXVIII, and look up "Traditionalism". See a picture of yourself? You should, you're as traditional as they come! As a Traditionalist, you probably have a keen appreciation for the customs of the old world, and a yearning to keep them kindled in your heart and in those around you. Whether it be celebrating obscure rituals or participating in festivals, you know about your heritage and are proud of where you come from, and you've like as not got some lederhosen in your back room.

You might see the progressive trends of modern society as eroding away at the traditions you love, and may resent the lack of appreciation that many have for their ancestry. After all, it is difficult to celebrate your own heritage when the modern credo, "Hail, diversity! Down with the traditions of old!" surrounds you at every corner. But, you put up a stoic front and try to honour your culture in the name of your forefathers.

You are likely a little more intellectual than most, and enjoy learning about the histories of many different cultures, including your own. It would be hard to appreciate yours if you didn't know about any others. You are somewhat idealistic, and probably relish the romanticism of earlier times more than others around you. You see the grandeur in the ghosts of antiquity, delight in drafty castles and the notion of aristocracy. You feel like your ideals are not part of the mainstream spectrum of philosophy, but that's ok: as a traditionalist, society needs you more than ever to check the heady flow of new age 'enlightenment'.

You scored as a traditionalist because you tested highest in the areas of, naturally, traditionalism, intelligence, and oddly enough, diversity. Hey, you can't be knowledgeable and intolerant at the same time, they aren't really good bedfellows.

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Eh, not quite. I have no illusion that the "good old days" were all that good - we just remember or re-create the bits that we like. Time can be quite a filter. "Tradition" is all too often merely a rut with unwarranted good press. Enlightenment would be good, but I have little use for newage. And aristocracy can go do something obscenely biological to itself. But then I suppose that is a traditional American sentiment.

One thing might be right, the picture for "Liberal Philosopher" shows five hands of various color, each holding the wrist of the next in a circle. It's probably meant to imply solidarity or togetherness, but I couldn't help but think that in that arrangement everyone is holding everyone else back and nobody is free.

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