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I'm starting to really dislike Facebook.

And I don't even use the blasted thing!

That is perhaps why.

1. FaceBook tries too hard to get new users. When folks add an e-mail address to it, it sends out an invite. Maybe that can be shut off, but I've gotten a few invites now. It's annoying. I am sorely tempted to use the opt-out option they have though I don't know if that will be reflected to those attempting to contact me through FaceBook. Opt-OUT is preferred by spammers. Good folks use opt-IN. This speaks volumes about FaceBook.

2. Not just that, but the blurb goes on to say how wonderful FaceBook is, but you can only view things if you join. No public view, no checking things out first. Join up, damnit!

3. Then folks use FaceBook unthinkingly as a communications means, rather than a proper real e-mail account that works universally, and if you haven't joined the "gated community" (or prison - it's just a matter which side of the wall you consider the undesirables to be on) you only get a snippet of the actual message. You're expected to, guess what? Yep. Join up, damnit! Then you can read the full message... on FaceBook. Gad, even AOL at its miserable worst didn't sink to that level.

This screams to me that Facebook is unable to sell itself on actual merit. It's not, "Hey, have a look, we think you'll find it cool." It's, "Hey, you! You gotta come and do this." Well, no, I don't gotta. Even if FaceBook might actually be of some use, that puts them firmly on the fecal roster. They've made their first impression (and second impression, and third impression too), and it stinks.

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