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Amusing Coincidence

While looking about web/blog-space for Penguicon and ACME images and reports I encountered a jewelry blog. Normally I'd skip right over such a thing as it holds no interest. But not this time for the image that caught my attention looked rather familiar. I know it's not the same, but... well, have a look.

The third image down is of an ox carrying a big sack of stuff. A very happy ox. A bipedal ox wearing a short sleeved shirt and shorts. I'm not sure what all the stuff he is carrying is, but in a way that also fits.

No, I'm not buying the item, but I do find it amusing. And now, between Chinese mythology, an old Rexall slogan, and perhaps insufficient sleep I think of, "Good luck to thee... from ACME!"

Tags: acme, jewelry, ox
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