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Photographic documentation

Back in 2006 I received a couple pieces of nuisance advertising in the mail and posted a little bit about them (and on IJ). A little over a year later I received another piece of the same sort of nuisance advertising and posted scans of it (and on IJ). And then I pretty much forgot about it.

Every once in a while someone would find my posts after getting their own piece of sleazy nuisance advertising and comment. Occasionally someone would even defend it. A few weeks ago someone new showed up, who claimed to be working for Supreme Air (one of the several names the business that I first encountered as MG2 goes by) who railed against the company's critics in a rather less than mature manner. I made some of his replies visible, and left his more tantrum-like replies masked.

He was a minor, and rather ineffectual, nuisance until yesterday when he crossed the line between being a net.nuisance and a real life criminal. I received a telephone call from someone, I presume the very same person who has been replying to that original post of mine, from Supreme Air in Alberta, Canada claiming to be a lawyer representing Tri-Star (yet another of the several names the business that I first encountered as MG2 goes by) and threatening libel action. He claimed to have called to determine my address. No competent lawyer would do such a thing nor need to. It was clearly a call meant to harass and intimidate. It failed. I have documented the call in greater detail in an addendum to the original post (and also on IJ). And now, as you can see, I've made sure that all these entries are duplicated and cross-linked between IJ and LJ. That includes a duplicate of this entry, too.

I also took a few photos of the CallerID. One is behind the cut:

3:27 PM  8/11 1-403-346-0333 SUPREME AIR

This joker must be desperate to try to keep people from finding non-"party line" opinions of the company and its advertising scheme. Alas for him, the internet is a powerfully effective BS detector and he got desperate enough to commit an illegal act that I can point out. Thus I am pointing it out. And if he thinks this is libel, he has another problem: Whatever might be the case in Canada, in the U.S.A. truth is an absolute defense against libel.

Tags: criminal act, fraud, sleaze, supreme air, telephone, tristar
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