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Good, good, oops

I saw some new (to me) Jiffy mixes and tried a couple. One was for chocolate chip cookies and the other was for sugar cookies. In both cases I modified things a bit.

I had bought a bag of cherry (flavored) chips out of curiosity and nibbling on them seemed disappointing. Imagine chocolate chips but without the chocolate. That's what it seemed like. I sampled them again a couple days later and they seemed to be more flavorful. Maybe it was something I had eaten just before, the first time.

When I made the Jiffy mix chocolate chip cookies the dough seemed rather lacking in chocolate chips[1] so I added what I had: a non-trivial amount of cherry chips. It worked and worked well. If there was any doubt as to the flavor content, it's gone in the cookies. These are cherry-chip cookies with some chocolate in them.

The sugar cookies also worked, but I wanted more than just plain sugar cookies. I added a couple teaspoons of almond flavor. It might seem an excess for the small amount of dough, but dagnabbit, I intended the flavor itself - not just a "hint" of the flavor - to be there. It was.

Recently I tried baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch again. And I goofed. Twice. Thrice? I made two batches. The first batch, I didn't add the sugar to the butter and egg mix and thus didn't beat or whip the sugar in properly. The cookies spread out thin. So I tried again, following the directions exactly or so I thought. The result was a bit better, but still thin and spread. It was a few days before I realized where I had goofed.

I had run out of flour in the main container and didn't open another bag of flour. I thought I had another container of flour and used that. Only it wasn't flour. It was a "just add water" pancake mix. Oops. Even so, the results weren't as disastrous as some of my attempts from a few years ago. Also, the cookies passed the important test: they tasted right.

[1] Remember the old Chips Ahoy commercials where it was a Big Deal that there was a "chip in every bite"? This looked like it would be chip-deficient. Maybe it wouldn't have been, but it sure looked like it. I like a chip-rich cookie.

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