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Wait, how do I NOT have that?

I've heard Juke Box Saturday Night and I thought I had a copy someplace. To my astonishment I don't have it in mp3, and a while ago I encoded all my CDs. I just looked through the CDs and... none of them seem to have Juke Box Saturday Night.

I looked through the cassette tapes. That tune seems to be missing. I thought I'd heard it at home.. which means I heard it on CD (maybe from a library, maybe). Maybe from a tape. Maybe.. and it would be some time ago.. from an LP. I know I heard it recently though that was most likely on XM.

Still, it's very odd that tune seems not to be in my collection. Maybe I'm overlooking something. But I want to hear it now, dangit.

Why? I finally know a bit more about the first line, "Mopping up soda pop rickeys" as I happened across the definition/recipe for a rickey: a drink with the juice of a lime.

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