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I seem to have made an impression

Friday I was at the local liquor store since we were out of red wine and there was some good stuff on discount (Sebeka Cabernet-Pinotage) and I also picked up a couple 50 mL bottles of Merry's Irish Cream and mentioned the chocolate mug cake. One of the gals at the registers joked that I'd have to bring them some. I let it go at that and went on with things.

Until I got home and put the results of the shopping trip (there were other stops) away, that is. Then I figured, why not? It's quick and the idea amused me. So I made the cake as mentioned in the previous posting and turned it out of the bowl and onto a paper plate. I took it, with some plastic forks and a knife, to the liquor store.

Before I was even all the way through the door I was greeted with, "I was just kidding!" but didn't say anything in response. I put it on the then unused counter and the cashiers sampled it. They liked it. They liked it enough to ask for the recipe. It was getting late for me so I said I'd have a copy for them the next day. Saturday morning I delivered the copy and was told that various folks had sampled the cake and it went over well.

That was nice. But tonight brought it home. I was out for a bit of a drive just to get out of the house and when the episode of Gunsmoke I was listening to ended I decided to go to SuperAmerica, one of the few places in town open at 3 AM, and get something to drink. While I was paying for my pop, I was surprised to hear, "He makes the greatest chocolate cake! And he makes in the microwave!" The gal who said that went on about it to her friend (boyfriend? husband? I don't know) and to the cashier. It was amusing but considering how little effort actually went into it and that it was pretty much just following the recipe (even the idea to use Irish cream isn't original) it felt a bit embarrassing.

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