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Dubious Prospects for MFF

I've made MFF for the last few years. This year I'm not sure I will. It's not that I don't want to go. I would like to go. It's that being able to afford it is in question. The expense of the entry fee is not a big deal, but time off for travel (money not being made), motorfuel, hotel costs (that's the big one), food costs, and yes the incidentals of Artist's Alley and the Dealer's Den (or whatever name those things are given) all add up to probably too much. And that doesn't include ACME supplies.

I'm not counting it out completely, just yet. We do have a room reserved at the main hotel since if I/we do go, I want to be in the main hotel for the ease of fursuiting issues. But if you were expecting me and Orvan to be there, don't count on it. I'd like to have other news, but given the state of the economy and its unlikelihood of changing for the better anytime soon, this is the news I have.

I don't have much hope for making RCFM at the moment, either, alas. I hope to somehow manage to make Penguicon.

That said, there is always the slim chance of things working out. Thus the following poll. I will not make any promises since if I make no promises then there are no promises to break.


1. Deliveries should be appreciated by or humorous to the recipient. A mild zing is fine, an outright insult is not.

2. Items delivered should be small to ease packaging and transport.

3. Items should be inexpensive, so that all the deliveries combined don't get out of hand.

4. It's best if the delivery is kept a surprise as much as possible. But the delivery ox might need some guidance to the recipient.

5. ACME is not Santa Claus. Please do not suggest items for yourself. It'd spoil the surprise.

Poll #1456962 ACME MFF 2009

1.A. Orvan should deliver a(n)...

1.B. Orvan should deliver this to...

1.C. He should this because...

2.A. Orvan should deliver a(n)...

2.B. Orvan should deliver this to...

2.C. He should this because...

3.A. Orvan should deliver a(n)...

3.B. Orvan should deliver this to...

3.C. He should this because...

Presence at the delivery?

I must be there!
It'd be nice, but isn't that big a deal.
I'll be too busy, most likely.
I won't even be at MFF.

I can (or will need to) guide Orvan to the suggested recipient(s).

Yes, I'll guide or make arrangements.
No, Orvan shouldn't need help for this.
No, Orvan is on his own.

Additional comment space:

Remember, this is more of a blue-sky dream than a sure thing.

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