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...and the other one bites the dust.

One of the LED bulbs I bought in early August failed in late August. A few days ago the other LED bulb failed. Since I hadn't sent the one off for warranty replacement, I packed the both of them and the receipts and a letter and sent them off. We'll see how the warranty is and if the replacements are any better.

One failure is a fluke. Two are possibly a coincidence if a darned annoying one. These bulbs are supposed to last 30,000 hours or about 3.4 years of "on" time. They didn't last anywhere near that long. And there's no excuse that I can see for it. They were installed indoors, in a non-enclosed fixture, and were not on a dimmer. They were in a ceiling fan assembly, but LEDs of all lighting systems ought to be truly immune to any vibration from the fan. Yet even incandescents with their fragile filaments lasted longer.

To be fair to LEDs themselves, they are likely still just fine. The circuitry in the base of the bulb is what probably failed. I don't know just what all there is to it. There really should not be much at all to it. If the bulbs had been out of warranty (or were just much less expensive) I'd have taken at least one apart and looked.

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