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About that last poll (or, since rillaspins asked...)

So, do we get the answers so we know how wrong we all are? -- rillaspins

Jay has now answered the poll himself, and he knows himself better than anyone. Therefore...

1. JMaynard has been... in newspapers, on (broadcast) radio., on television, on the web, on Usenet, in court, to testify, uncomfortably close to phosgene gas, right all along. He has not been on the silver screen, on tri-D, on ARPAnet, on BITnet, on top of Old Smoky, or to Utah.

While the Tron Guy bit takes care of radio, TV, and most newspaper, it's not the only thing. He was quoted in the New York Times in the 1990s regarding his interest in Animaniacs. Being involved with the internet he was on Usenet and the web for some time, though his involvement was not so early that it included ARPAnet or BITnet. Despite desires to visit howardtayler he has not been to Utah. After an incident involving EMS/Paramedic activity he was in court to testify. And in one job there were site visits to a chemical plant where there was a 'water curtain' that was the barrier between the safe(r) area and a process that did use phosgene.

2. JMaynard's hobbies include... ham radio, computery stuff, flying small airplanes, target shooting, and attending renaissance fair(e)s. They do not include horseback riding, flying model airplanes, hanggliding, motorcycling, ice fishing (dry or otherwise), skiing, snowmobiling, building aircraft carriers, or violating the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Why settle for models when you can fly the real thing? Also, there is a significant difference between watching a plane fly and controlling it and being at the controls and feeling their effects directly. As he grew up in Houston, TX, he avoids outdoor cold weather activities. Motorcycling is out due to seeing what can happen to motorcyclists. 'Donorcycle' is a common paramedic name for motorcycles. Horseback riding was never much of an interest nor was there much opportunity for it. It's hardly a necessary skill in Houston. Building aircraft carriers would be a decidedly impractical hobby and violating the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle would be quite a feat.

3. JMaynard is... also known as the Tron Guy, a diabetic, a pilot, a furry, a former EMT/Paramedic, mostly harmless, a friend to those who have no friends, an enemy to those who make him an enemy, just zis guy, you know?, an Animaniacs fan, a Monty Python fan. He is not adiabatic, qualified to dismantle nuclear warheads, a NASCAR fan, an oscillating fan, nor is he trying to take over the world.

He is perhaps known to most as the Tron Guy, though it's curious to see how many of the 'youtube generation' believe that was a youtube thing rather than something that started elsewhere and others migrated to youtube. This is perhaps the first time he has indicated he considers himself a furry, which surprised me some. I was amused by all the positive responses, including his own, to the "a friend to those who have no friends, an enemy to those who make him an enemy" which I swiped from the Boston Blackie radio show. He finds NASCAR to be dull. It's just cars going around and around - or crashing. And he's seen enough crashes or the results thereof from his time as a paramedic. If you can't tell that he's an Animaniacs fan, you really haven't been paying much attention.

4. JMaynard drinks... unsweetened iced tea, Diet Coke with Lime, Negra Modelo, Baltika #6, Port, Bloody Marys, Coffee. He does not drink, or at least avoids as much as possible, sweetened iced tea, Diet Pepsi, Diet Caffeine-Free Mountain Dew, Miller Lite. Starboard is of course a gag to with Port, the blood of his enemies was another gag and the very idea of carrot juice make him gag. Sherry has never really been tried.

His primary drink is Diet Coke with Lime, with coffee being perhaps the next most common. For strong drink, the Bloody Mary seems the most common though its frequency is rather rare. He prefers beers that are not the typical mass-produced American stuff thus will on occasion have a Negra Modelo with a Mexican meal, or an even darker brew such as a stout or porter - like Baltika #6.

5. JMaynard lives in... Minnesota, Texas, a house, reality - which many refuse to acknowledge. He doesn't live in California, Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Freedonia, Narnia, Middle Earth, all of us, the shadow dimensions, a steam-driven starship, or a yellow submarine. Of those, a move to Californis seems the least likely.

His residence, which is a house, is in Minnesota and he owns some property in Texas. Both of these places are in reality. Well, mostly in reality. Austin, TX and St. Paul, MN seem to have only vague linkage with reality at times.

6. JMaynard drives a(n)... Lexus RX350.

He used to drive a Lexus RX300 and has driven my Corolla at times. He once had the misfortune of owning a Ford Explorer, and has had both a Prius and a Hummer (well, an H3 anyway - a ruined Trailblazer) as rentals. The H3 was not very impressive and the Prius was in need of greater cargo space. He has never driven a team of horses.

7. JMaynard is registered as a(n)... voter.

Minnesota does not require a party affiliation for voter registration.

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