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Just because it's not H1N1...

...doesn't mean it's not plenty nasty enough.

Last week a fellow I work with missed a couple days due to illness. He was even tested for H1N1 and the test came back negative. Now I seem to have the illness he had.

I've spent most of the last couple days in bed, with a heating pad on and the thermostat maxed out. I think I'm recovering now, but it's slow going. Stuffy nose (and yes, I went and got the 'you gotta show a ID and sign for it' pseudoephedrine for it), sore throat, slight (sinus) headache, and generally achiness and blah.

I had been planning on visiting Sistaur this Sunday and dealing with a birthday anniversary in the family, but that's now out for two reasons. I'm not sure I want to go that far this Sunday even if I am feeling better. And Sistaur's housemate came down with 'influenza like illness' (what healthcare folks say when they are trying hard not to actually say 'H1N1' - which they are assuming but have not tested for). I don't need to get hit by that right after whatever this is. Actually I'd prefer not to get hit by that at all. Maybe there will be a visit next weekend. Maybe.

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