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I have been given a new title to add my collection.

* Leave me a comment saying "Ohms, Ohms on the range."
* I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
* Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
* Include this explanation in he post and offer to ask other people questions.

Setsu-p asks:

1. You ARE the Muffin Man Y/Y?

What a choice, huh?

Y. Though I neither live nor work on Drury lane.

I might considered more the cookie man, or 'taur, as I have made cookies from scratch, also bread and biscuits (US version of the word), but muffins have always been from a mix. I am trying lose or avoid the infamous 'muffin top' and would like to be in good enough form to be called 'stud muffin' at least once without gales of laughter, snickers, or rolled eyes - including my own. I do appreciate muffins.

2. What, for you, is the appeal of 'suiting?

The ability to perform and amuse without being visible in a sense. No facial expression being a 'tell' and no surface skin effects giving signals I do not intend to send. That people in general seem to like big fuzz, cuddly animals and laugh at ACME shenanigans doesn't hurt.

3. Tell me, Pastor of Muns... Why so pollish?

Sometimes curiosity, more often it's filler. It keeps the journal active with something that hopefully provides some amusement to others rather than a dull "still here" sort of post when I don't have anything to talk about, or haven't worked out the right way to put some things I do intend to talk about.

4. Quantum Physics: psychological warfare?

Probably. Let's do the Mind Warp again.

5. Oh, no! Your super secret identity has been ferreted out! WHAT DO YOU DO?

Laugh my butt off. What super secret identity? Someone did a lot of work to come up with an erroneous result. Of course, if it's really good, I might encourage the story.

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