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"Covered in snow."

"Covered in snow." is how I answered the question, "How are things?" a couple times today. jmaynard and I had been planning on a trip to Merrill, WI for Christmas with my family. We would have left Thursday and returned Saturday. Would have.

It's been snowing, with the occasional lull, from Wednesday evening (if not earlier) and it's still going. I was out Thursday morning to stock up on a few things, including gasoline for the snowblower. Between the driving conditions in town, the radio reports from the Twin Cities, and forecasts/satellite photos/radar maps... we decided not to go anywhere.

I don't know how much snow we have already, nor how much more is coming, but "more than enough" applies. I do not plan on even going outside today. Even using the snowblower can wait. There is still some chance of freezing rain and I'd far prefer any ice be on top of the snow rather than on the ground.

The forecast is calling for clearing... Sunday evening. A snowplow/sanding truck just (barely) went by. It's not a good sign when something that heavy is spinning its wheels.

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