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"Just don't order the barbecue chicken pizza."

For a while it was common for some folks I was often around at UW-Platteville to go out once a week to Uno's for pizza - and alcohol. I didn't go very often, and perhaps it was only once or twice. I had asked about the pizza and how it was. I was told that almost everything was good and I could get a crust that wasn't excessively thick, but whatever I do, I should most emphatically not order the barbecue chicken pizza.

I hadn't even heard of such a thing before and the idea intrigued me. Looking at the menu, it was also one of the more appealing choices (no fungus, no green pepper [green pepper is acceptable if chopped but if it's in string cuts it results in a pizza that looks to be post-sneeze...). I had a small pizza of some typical type. I ordered my own as everyone else wanted cheese with trace contaminants rather than a proper pizza.

Oh, the alcohol? The Long Island Iced Tea was the thing there and then. I had one. I'd probably have been quite happy had they simply used that huge glass for Coca-Cola and left the booze out, with the price adjusted down appropriately. I do recall one fellow who made the mistake of complaining his was weak. He got another one. It was Not Weak. He did not drive on the way back.

Later I went to Uno's alone and tried the BBQ Chicken Pizza. It was better than the more typical fare they had. I don't have this often, but I do like a barbecue chicken pizza from time to time.

I mention this, mainly the BBQ chicken pizza, to show that the negative options on the last poll (and many other polls for that matter) do not necessarily indicate my own opinion:

Someone who orders a Barbecue Chicken Pizza... need of therapy. beyond help, possibly criminally insane.

The problem with all too many barbecue chicken pizzas is the use of inferior barbecue sauce.

And in case you were wondering, I was quite sober when I ordered and in fact did not have any alcohol at all when I tried the barbecue chicken pizza.

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