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The best frozen pizza I've ever had.

There is a place, Queenie and Ron's Pizza, in Merrill, WI that makes very, very good pizza. It's the "reference pizza" for me. The one by which I judge others - and to me it's still the best I've had. On my last trip to Merrill I learned of a frozen version that they had started selling. I was warned that the frozen was not as good as the fresh, which is to be expected. As I cannot simply pop over and get a fresh baked Queenie & Ron's pizza, I bought one to try, figuring it might be reasonably good.

jmaynard and I had it tonight. It is quite easily the best frozen pizza I've ever had. I've had worse from pizza restaurants. It's not as good as fresh baked, but it's very close. There's plenty of good cheese. The sausage has real flavor. The crust... well, the crust is merely close, probably the effect of having been frozen, and it's still better than most. Overall, it is a Queenie & Ron's pizza. I'll have to get more.

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