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"Mamma mia, that's-a bigga lasagna!"

Once or twice a month I bake a lasagna. I used to a supposedly disposable foil pan for this as I didn't have anything better and the foil pan had the great advantage of being cheap. But being foil, it meant having to use a plastic knife to cut the lasagna therein, as a proper metal knife would puncture the foil and I'd rather not have lasagna dripping in the oven, or anywhere else for that matter.

I didn't do anything about that situation for a while as I put a 9x13 inch pan on my Christmas list and didn't wish to accidentally wind up with duplicates. After Christmas, no such pan having turned up, I bought a nice Pyrex pan and used that a couple times. It was much nicer than the foil, of course. But it seemed to be a bit small as I had been doubling the recipe I started from as it seemed rather thin or rather, it didn't seem to cover each layer as called for.

On the remains of a gift card, I picked up a bit more Pyrex bakeware. It was a set consisting of the 8x8 inch pan I set out to get, a breadpan (works quite well) and a whopping great 11x15 inch pan. A couple nights ago I made another lasagna and used the 11x15 pan.

The layers seemed to be almost right, but not quite enough to spread out as much as I'd like. And the result was still fairly thick, so that I'm doubtful there was any great benefit. And good grief but that's a LOT of lasagna. I know it's just the same amount, not quite as bunched up, which is probably best, but it sure looks huge.

I think I goofed. The 8x8 pan and the bread pan are certainly useful, but I'm not sure to what use I can put the 11x15 thing now. I am now of the opinion that I ought to go to a smaller pan and back to the un-doubled recipe. Recently I priced 7x11* inch pans. The best deal, somewhat annoyingly, is combination set of 7x11 and 9x13. For just a bit more, I can get a set with nice plastic covers. The downside is that I'll need to find room for another 9x13 pan. I think I'll manage.

* There are shorter lasagna noodles that ought to work just fine.

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