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60 Gigs of Uselessness?

I've been wanting a portable (wearable) music player of a modern type (that is, an mp3 player rather than a Walkman) for a while. JMaynard had suggested I use his iPod. This falls under the "Great idea, almost" category as evidently one needs to use iTunes (and therefore Not Linux) to get it do things like load up files from a computer, which is rather the point of the thing.

My searches have shown that some folks can get the iPod to work with Linux, but it involves wiping the thing clean and since Jay has a bunch of stuff on it, I don't consider that a real option. Also, I don't know if it can then deal with silly Apple-specific encodings after that. I did install banshee and gtkpod which together are supposed to allow one to use an iPod with Linux. It half-way works. I can plug the thing in and it shows up. I can read the music of it. Put anything on it? Nope. Despite the claims, it refuses to do that.

So I have a couple questions and I will preemptively eliminate three unacceptable answers:

1. Use a Mac! If I wanted to do that, I would be doing that. Not a realistic option.
2. Use Windows and iTunes. See #1, add profanity for emphasis.
3. Use Windows iTunes under WINE. I'm reluctant, at best, to deal with WINE and iTunes is right out. I don't need that ill-mannered headache.

What I do need is one of these:

1. A means of using, including getting mp3 file TO it, the iPod from Linux.
2. A recommendation of a Linux-friendly mp3 player.

While option 1 is certainly less expensive monetarily, I like option 2 as then the device will be mine and I can do what I like without having to be careful to preserve someone else's music and such - and random playing won't be likely to drop me into stuff I'd delete or never have loaded up in the first place.

My idea of an mp3 player that works is one that I plug in via USB and it's simply a USB drive and I can do drag & drop copying to files to (and from) it without having to muck about with silly translations. Inexpensive is always a plus. I've seen a few fairly inexpensive portable mp3 players, but they give no indication that they work with anything but Windows. Maybe they work fine with Linux, but I'm not about to blow money in this so-called economy on something might be, for me, utterly useless. High capacity is good, but not essential. 4, 2, or even 1 GB might not be much nowadays, but even 1 GB that works will easily beat out 60 GB that doesn't work.

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