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4+ Gigs of "Just Works"

I recently had a birthday (well, the anniversary thereof) and one present was a 4 GB Sansa Clip+ which happens to be the device Yakko mentioned in reply to my last entry. It works as he said and as I expect: It's a USB drive that plays music.

Actually it's a bit more than that. It's also a voice recorder and an FM receiver. It's also expandable by microSD card and I have an 8 GB card for it. Supposedly the device can take a 32 GB card.

I've loaded the thing with something less than 4GB so far and that's still quite a bit. I haven't loaded my entire collection onto the thing and probably never will since that includes the less desirable (unwanted) tracks from variousCDs. I've been listening to stuff that I might not have heard for a few years. I'm enjoying it, though it's a bit weird as I have to remember that I can get up and move around and I'm not tethered to a computer or other large device. It's also something to think that some of what I am listening to on this tiny purely electronic device was originally recorded purely mechanically on phonograph cylinder.

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