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An In-Party Recount?

The Minnesota primaries were yesterday. The Republicans had one gubernatorial candidate, the Independence party had one or maybe two, and the DFL (MN Democrats) had a bunch. The endorsed candidate was beat out by the moneyed candidate (who it was found had friends & family donating to "grassroots" organizations through a couple levels of indirection... *sniff*sniff* Ah, astroturf).

Amusingly, this situation even has the Star Tribune resorting to reporting facts, and with headlines that look like they came from elsewhere: Dayton wins; unity rally postponed.

I don't know if there will be a recount or not. I really hope so. I'd love to see the DFL pulling their dirty tricks on themselves for a change. Maybe each faction can yell their favorite line, "Count all the votes!" while whispering the next words, "until my candidate is ahead." Perhaps they can find boxes of ballots in the odd car trunk. It would be funny to see the DFL try to steal an election from itself for a change.

But, somehow, I expect some back room deals (maybe Dayton can just pay off Kelliher?) will mean that the DFL can go on about its usual business of slinging mud at folks who, unlike the DFL, have at least some grasp of basic economics.

ADDENDUM: Kelliher has conceded.

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