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"Final Hymn of the Republic"

That's the title of a tune Sistaur managed to tape most of off the Dr. Demento show some years back. It's was by a group(?) that called itself "S.O.I.D." I have a copy (of a copy?) on tape someplace. And as far as I know that might be all that is still aroudn save whatever Demento might have. I've asked in a few places if anyone had heard of it. Nothing. I've Googled for it, and all I get is an old Dr Demento show playlist if I'm lucky. Just one show, too: July 14, 1985. I'm not sure, but Demento might have stated after the tune that it was from "an unreleased tape out of Chicago." though it might have been for another tune around the same time.

I've even asked a couple online DJs about this tune. I assume they are familiar with filesharing services (I am not) and as far as can be told, the tune simply does not exist "in the wild." Or perhaps it does, and is (yet again) mis-attributed to Weird Al. But so far, I have yet to encounter anyone (besides family) who has heard it.

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