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On the Elections: Local

Very locally, my ward had one person listed on the ballot for city council. There was another candidate, running as a write-in.The result was 514 to 484. I suspect had the write-in been on the ballot outright, the result would have gone the other way. Fortunately, while I think the write-in would have been the better choice, the winner isn't a bad choice.

We're getting a new sheriff. Not my first choice, but we'll see if this guy follows the pattern of the current one - which wasn't an entirely good pattern. I disliked that the new guy seems a bit too "hand picked" as a successor.

The local power plant will be (has been?) sold for $1 to the Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency which will, eventually, pretty much replace it with a plant of greater capacity such that it could, if need be, support the area without outside supply. I recall a few years ago at an open house that it was said the plant could supply the town... but only in the Winter - without air conditioners running and with colder lake water for cooling.

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