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On the Elections: State

This is the big one here. Minnesota will have (another!) automatic recount due to a close (within 0.5%) vote. Mark Dayton (DFL) appears to have narrowly won as our next Governor. The recount will not even start until all the counties have certified their results so it will be a couple weeks. Then the (re)counting... Gov. Pawlenty has said he'll serve an extended term if need be. (More below...) While close, and while I do not like the idea of Gov. Dayton very much, he was ahead as counted by about 9,000 votes so I really don't foresee that changing. I expect fewer shenanigans for this than for the Coleman-Franken recount.

That the race was that close also indicates that had the Independence Party candidate leaned more to the left than right, that we'd be looking at a Gov. Emmer now.

I am less worried about a Gov. Dayton now because, rather unexpectedly, both houses of the Minnesota legislature switched from majority-DFL to majority-Republican. This will throw a monkey wrench into Dayton's plans for tax increases and the like. (Here's the more...) If the recount drags out long enough, there is the possibility of Pawlenty being in the Governor's office when the new legislature starts. That presents an interesting possibility of getting a few things through that have been quashed in the DFL-led legislature, all before Dayton is in office and able to veto things. I do not know if the possibility will happen or if it will be taken advantage of, but the idea is out there.

While not in my district, one longtime DFL representative will be replaced with a Republican. Since James Oberstar represents a rather traditionally DFL area (the Iron Range) this was another big surprise. On the radio a few mornings ago one of his longtime supporters who had not supported him this time around summed it up with something like, "He had become someone who just wanted to add more government to everything." And that tune wasn't very popular this year.

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