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64 bit Linux... worth it and if so, which one?

The new laptop (see previous entry) presents a question of what,exactly, to run on it. Is it worthwhile to go for a 64-bit Linux, or am I better off staying with 32-bit for now? With 64-bit cores it seems like 64-bit would be the way to go, but I've seen things pointing out that not much is actually compiled for 64-bit and some stuff has to then run in a sort of simulated 32-bit environment. One potential factor, memory, is not a factor as the maximum addressable memory is 4 GB and I have "only" 4 GB, so I don't need to go 64-bit to use all the RAM.

The other part is, if I do go for 64-bit, then which distribution? And, no, it will NOT be Ubuntu or Debian nor (hopefully) any of their cancerously multiplying derivatives. I would like it very much if the Linux-using internet would kindly pull its head out of Ubuntu's behind. Alas, there is not a 64-bit version of PCLinuxOS or the distribution decision (for 64-bit) would be trivial.

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