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"It's dead, Jim."

As nefaria suggested in the last post, the power supply is bad. JMaynard had an older unused ATX system and I did some quick swapping around just to test things.

* My supply won't bring up either motherboard to a POST beep. Bad supply.

* The other PSU will bring up the other board, but not mine. Mine clicks like a Geiger counter. It's not just the speaker, no video either. Bad motherboard and/or CPU.

Thus, belgian is dead. I can (and will) swap things around (the other system is in a dented case that is awkward to deal with) and try to get a runnable system again. Even if all it does is run a backup before being replaced.

The real upshot is that after nearly 8 years, it is time for a new desktop system. I found a place online that let me assemble a system to my specifications or close. The result would set me back about $1000. I already have the laptop to pay off - but that's all I have to (besides the mortgage...), and at 0% for several months. I'd hoped the desktop would last through those months.

While $1000 is excessive, $400 is not so bad. I could buy a low-end system for that and still have more than I did before. But it would be low-end and I'm tired of that. So I'll take the middle route and build up a system with some fairly gonzo parts right off, and some low-end bits to be upgraded to gonzo later. What will be gonzo right off? The power supply. It will be a Corsair and my decision is do I go for "only" 850W or go up to 950W or even a full kilowatt? Yeah, gonzo, but I'd rather have the supply loaf along than struggle to keep up. Also, the motherboard. What I am looking at is a Gigabyte model that has everything but on-board video - and Jay has a spare PCIE video card. USB2, USB3, FireWire, SATA, eSATA, and so on. And three free PCI slots besides the PCIE (video) slot(s).

What will be low end? I'll use my old DVD/CD drive and hard drive - for now. I'll go with a cheap Sempron instead of a multicore Phenom II - for now. Likewise I'll go with a mere 1 or 2 GB of RAM - for now. It might cost me more than buying all outright, but I won't have an additional $1000 of debt, which is worth it.

What do I hope to have eventually? A Phenom II X6 (six cores!), 4+ GB of RAM, 500GB (or more) of hard disk. DVD burner - though it become a Blu Ray burner depending on pricing at the time. Nvidia 9800 graphics card. But those I can do one piece at a time.

I just need to settle on the case & RAM. RAM ought to be easy. But man, cases have gotten strange in last several years. I don't need some goofy "kewl" case by some designer wannabe. I just need a danged case that will hold what I want to put in it and it would be nice to have some front panel connectors. I might wind up with something goofy looking just to get the real features I want without excessive spending.

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