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Countdowns are for rockets.

Last week came the rather sudden news that Keith Olbermann was finished with his show at MSNBC. There has been some speculation as to just why what happened did. I will not add to that speculation as, like those speculating, I do not know the real reasons.

I can say that I won't miss him or his show. I did see many references to it and his screeds "editorials" but only watched one of programs and that was quite enough. When JMaynard's Tron Guy fame (or notoriety) was in its initial phase, there was some bit about that and we watched the show just for that. I don't recall much about that bit, other than it came at the end of the show.

I do recall that the show itself was annoying as it was quite selective with context. All the clips were of real events and comments, but any responses or set-up was carefully omitted. It reminded me of a line about a Soviet spokesman, "We never caught him in an actual lie, but his version of the truth left most of it out." (Paraphrased) It also brought me back to the mid-late 1980s when I listened to shortwave broadcasts quite a bit - as it was like listening to the Radio Moscow of those days.

Do I think that this the end of Olberman? No. No matter how little I might think of him and his show, he and it did have a significant or at least vocal following. Some other network will likely try to get those folks to aim eyeballs at their ads and so I expect he will turn up again. Where? No idea. Though the idea of him turning up on Fox News amuses me, just because of the reaction that would likely generate.

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