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How Dry I Am

No, not about desiring a drink, but about humidity. Cold air can hold less moisture than warm air, and thus Winter is rather dry. This is apparent in how much more static (clinging clothes, electrical discharges) there is in the Winter. A few days ago I bought hygrometer to see just what the indoor relative humidity was. It has been solidly at 16%, save for the time I put it in the bathroom while taking a shower. The listed range of the detector is 20% to 95% so that 16% is likely wrong, but it does tell me it's too dry. Ideally, relative humidity should be in the range of 25% to 55%.

The obvious answer to the problem is to get a humidifier. The problem is, which one? I've looked around the web a bit and decided I do not want to go with an ultrasonic type, and I'd rather not go with a "warm mist" type due to the power draw, and that leaves the "cool mist" type. Even within that, which one? Inexpensive is good, but I'd like to avoid cheap - I want the humidity in the air, not spilled all over things I'd rather not have get wet. I don't need to see a visible plume of moisture. Something that just unobtrusively works is what I desire.

Any suggestions?

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