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SEALs Bring Home the Bacon

Worthless Gristle Dumped Overboard

I've seen a few praises for Obama on this, and some is deserved, though it's more like Truman with the A-bomb: He couldn't not give the order. To not do so would be, an eventual, political liability. Consider how Obama normally dithers on any decision of import, it's pretty clear that this was something that had to be done or else.

One aspect of things recently hasn't been connected, that I've seen. The "long form birth certificate" was released just before this. It may be coincidence, but isn't that a grand distraction to keep the so-called "news" folks occupied with unimportant fluff while getting on with something significant? Obama isn't politically stupid. I still think he's an economic ignoramus at best and needs to be soundly defeated on economic issues before he and his do irreparable damage.

Will the issue unite America? Of course not. Everyone agreed on something they already agreed on. There was agreement on the issue of ridding the world of Osama bin Laden in 2001, and there is agreement on it now. But that's it. The budget is still heading us for either hyperinflation or default, and neither destination is any good. Is this a victory? Yes, if a late one. I'd have rather had it happen many, many years ago - and that's not (just) about who's butt is sitting in the oval office. A swifter result sends a stronger message. By now, it's almost purely symbolic rather than having a significant panicking effect on those who damn well ought to be panicked.

Was I dancing in the street? No. But I don't have a great problem with those who were, either. I recall dancing in the street on 11 September 2001. If anyone was objecting to the celebration of some good news a few days ago, well, that's just too damn bad. They don't want people in the US celebrating the death of one of theirs, they can not give reason for such celebrations. As far as I am concerned, Osama bin Laden just committed suicide by US military is all. I also won't be shedding any tears for the rest of Al Qaeda and I hope they they get the same treatment: no quarter. If anyone overlooked deserves some sympathy it's the people of Pakistan who are likely to pay for the idiocy, incompetence, or outright evil of their government.

Some seriously hard questions need to be asked of and about Pakistan - and if they find them embarrassing, they should.

Does the sea burial lead to conspiracy theories? Yes, but so would anything else. It certainly makes sense: Now there's no set single place for "protesters", "pilgrims" or other idiots to gather. Then, if they gather on the bottom of the ocean, I'll not be upset by that.

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