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Penguiconic Fallout: Twitter on Android recommendations?

While at Penguicon I found myself pondering actually using Twitter for more than Orvan's odd moo (or very odd moos...). Before, I only used Twitter via the web interface since that was all I needed, I had a {dumb, feature} phone, and no data plan at all. Now I have a limited data plan, wifi capability, and a phone that I can almost type on that can deal with Twitter clients.

I know Twitter, being short text, is not much data - but I want to be sure that client knows my intentions (rather than AT&T's) which are: Use wifi first, fall back to regular data if I have the client active (and it will be inactive much of the time, I expect), and ideally never use SMS. Or use SMS only on my explicit say-so. Ideally that last with a nice "This will be overcharged. Do you really want to overpay for bits?" confirmation.

Being capable of multiple accounts would be nice (hey, Orvan doesn't want to be left behind...) but is not a deal-breaker.

Any recommendations? And if anyone needs to know, I am trying to not (need to) root the phone.

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