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Android applications?

I think I've downloaded the various Android applications that I need or want to my phone. I have:

* TweetDeck (I want it on Linux now!)
* Weight Chart
* GPSpeedo (speedometer)
* Droid48 (HP48)
* ES File Explorer
* Opera Mobile
* Meebo IM
* Periodic Table
* AndroidVNC (now if I can just get VNC working on belgian...)
* ConnectBot (ssh)
* AndFTP
* Yaaic (IRC)
* Google Goggles (Yet to have it be useful, really)
* Google Sky
* Note Everything
* As well as all the stock AT&T/HTC Inspire 4G stuff

It's always possible that I am overlooking something. Thus I now ask what applications you find useful or recommend. I do have two, well three limitations:

1. NO GAMES. I am simply Not Interested. No, I don't care how great anyone thinks Angry Birds or its successor is. Not Interested.

2. I'm a cheap bas- er, I am rather frugal and so free wins every time. "Free" demo or trial period does not.

3. My phone is not 'rooted' and while having more access/control would be nice, I have no great desire to fiddle with ROM sets and such.

And as if you didn't know, I run Linux so have no great need of things to match up with Microsoft stuff.

That out of the way, any suggestions?

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