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Rebuilding the old machine(s)

I thought I'd make some progress on the old computer(s) while JMaynard was off going through some more western states and visiting Howard Tayler. Instead, I mostly slept. But this morning I finally cleaned up belgian's old case and moved the motherboard from another case into it. I had to find a PDF of the manual to make a couple connections and I'm far from finished rebuilding that system since I am taking things very slow.

It's a Gigabyte 7VM400M-RZ motherboard, which is Socket A. I don't know if the CPU in it is an Athlon or Duron. (I haven't connected the thing to a monitor yet. I said I was taking it slow.) If it's a Duron, I have a spare Athlon to put in its place. I might also be able to use the old belgian's RAM and go from 512 MB to 1 GB.

Left to do: Get a couple more screws to properly, fully mount the motherboard in place. Secure the power supply. Add hard drive, network card (for gigabit, the motherboard has 10/100 already). Add SCSI card since the machine is supposed to be a disk(array) controller again someday. Connect up monitor & keyboard (and mouse) and see what everything really is. Upgrade what can be upgraded with parts lying about.

Oh, and then there's this whole other computer... not sure what that will be. I might make it the new percheron and have it as a backup/testbed desktop rather than the P-III system.

Also, the new DVD burner is in the new belgian and working just fine.

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