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The Incredible State of Almost

I've managed to get JMaynard's old, spare computer back together again and working in a smaller case. I tried to upgrade the memory but the system refused to boot then so either that's a bust or I need to dig more. Any such digging will wait. I know I have another processor around that will fit the socket, but I must've put it someplace "safe" as now I can't find it. That's not a big concern as the system might not be able to take that particular CPU. It might be too new and fast for the old board.

I also have my machine, such as it is, together and almost running. The parts replaced by upgrades to belgian, plus a "new" (to me, anyway) motherboard run enough to boot past the POST and I can navigate the BIOS menus. I have yet to get it to run more than a minute or so past that, so I likely need to make some adjustments I don't have time (nor much patience anymore) for just now.

In dealing with the "it boots, but not quite" issue I checked the CD I was using by booting the laptop with it. It's Xubuntu 11.04, which has some plusses and minuses...

MINUS - Not Long Term Support so I can't count on it being supported for as long.
PLUS - Newer kernel, that actually runs 32-bit programs once the compatibility libraries are installed[1]
PLUS - Native support for the laptop's wireless.[2]
PLUS - It will run Phoenix (with 32 bit libraries) despite a non-ideal video system
MINUS - But Phoenix's audio streaming is repea repea ted ted every every seco seco nd or nd or so. so.

Yet, if I take the stream URL and feed it to VLC, VLC seems to handle the stream if not perfectly at least reasonably well. I have a few random gaps or dropouts, but I am running all this as a LiveCD so far.

I will probably "upgrade" the laptop to Xubuntu 11.04, at least until PCLinuxOS has a stable, released 64-bit version. Watch that happen the day after I finish doing that.

[1] Xubuntu 10.04 managed to break things at a kernel upgrade just after -28. *grumble*

[2] So I won't have to recompile the driver after every kernel update. Big Win, especially as the pushed updated did not push one the pieces critical to a successful recompile and with out that, no connectivity to get that piece, unless there's a network cable or someone willing to snag it and "sneakernet" it by USB flashstick or such. No big deal at home. Away from home? Potential for disaster.
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