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Nice idea, but...

There are many, many things I could talk about but right now I'll settle on a more mundane one. I've been running ConnochaetOS on caspian for a while and some things about it grate a bit. So when I heard someone gushing about Bodhi Linux that could run on even a 386, I decided to try it. I am both impressed and disappointed in the result.

Impressed: It boots as a LiveCD, even on caspian. Takes a long, long time, but it does come up.

Disappointed: Like ConnochaetOS it defaults to an ugly 800x600 rather than correct 1024x786, but the showstopper is: Network? What's a network?

I can deal with the resolution, but the network issue? No. Not fiddling with that, not right now. I'll keep running Conn...OS and maybe try Bodhi again later. And since I've heard that the plan is to move away from being Debian-based (something I consider as a Good Thing) later may be better.

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