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Way back in the mists of time... er, alright, it was probably September 30 jmaynard & I went to Manktao to check out Five Guys and I figured I'd at least look at LCD monitors and perhaps see what I liked best and then order from NewEgg. We looked at two or three places and, to my surprise, the best deal was actually at Best Buy. I had been pondering a big 27-inch monitor but the resolution wasn't any better at that size so it'd just be bigger pixels. The 23-inch monitors seemed reasonably priced and comparing a few, the AOC looked the best.

I hesitated and so we went and had lunch and I thought about it some. Checking NewEgg the prices were about the same with the shipping and there was the matter of having it right away. So we went back & I (eventually... oy, it took forever to get a clerk's attention) bought it. So now I'm not using the old 1024x768 LCD but a nice new 1920x1080 LED backlit 23-inch on belgian. I still haven't truly seen about repairing the 19-inch LCD. If I can repair it I then need to decide if I want to use that for percheron or maybe even use it as a second monitor on belgian.

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