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Monitor repair successful!

In August I was bringing older computers back into operation and wound up needing a newer monitor and picked up a "newer" monitor in the form of a rather old 15 inch LCD that did 1024x768. That got pressed into service as my main monitor for a while as in early September my 19 inch LCD (1280x1024) quit. Before I got to attempting repairs, I wound up upgrading to a nice 23 inch LCD with LED backlight (1920x1080).

Last week I finally got around to re-reading a thread on the Bad Caps forum regarding problematic Samxon capacitors in the Samsung SyncMaster 930B and then ordered some new (and hopefully much better) capacitors.

The new capacitors arrived yesterday. They were installed this morning. The old monitor works again. It took longer than I hoped, but it wasn't anything actually difficult, just a bunch of fiddly stuff. I'm really glad I took several pictures of the monitor as I took it apart those weeks ago. They took a lot of guesswork out of re-assembly.

Tags: capacitors, electronics, monitors, repair
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