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Computer upgrades [2 of 3]

As I'd upgraded my primary computer, belgian, I'd been using the cast off parts to build a new(er) version of secondary desktop, percheron. Of course not everything got cast off and some things had to be bought, but I could wait and usually deal with things when NewEgg had a needed item on sale. One thing I had planned on was moving the video card when I upgraded belgian. Unfortunately the HD3870 that I planned to move developed fan troubles. Thus when I ordered the video card for the main machine, I also ordered another, lesser card (and a DVI cable) for the secondary.

Lesser is only so in comparison to the primary card I had been saving up for. Going from a GT 7300 to a GTX 550 is quite a jump. Things that seemed to take forever to resolve now show up rather quickly. Now I really want to set things up they way I had been thinking about: Rigged so I can use percheron while on the treadmill. That is apt to take some doing, but should be worth it. Also, this is unlikely to be the last upgrade. I expect to eventually change out the Sempron (very low end processor, now) to an Athlon or Phenom X4. That, however, can wait a while.

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