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The clock ticks on for ACME & Pengiucon

I may have been a bit late posting the ACME Delivery poll for Penguicon, but it was still over a month ago (27 January) and so far there have zero Penguicon responses. I clicked on the submit button so I could see any results and one fellow who isn't going submitted joke responses (that I do not mind) and that has been it. Right now, no suggestions of anything. And worse, I don't have ideas of my own. Correction, I have one. One. I could blame it on the Penguicon folks not having their Guests of Honor lined up and ready and listed on the web site - they claim they tend to have five or six but so far I see only two. But that isn't a solid reason. Even aside from Guests of Honor and Nifties I usually have at least a few ideas of my own.

And time is running out. While Penguicon is at the end of April, what that really means is that I need to be ready by the end of March if at all possible. I might be able to swing one or two things in April, but I'll be busy getting everything ready. And things that take time (paints, glues, shipping) can mean a project simply won't have the time to get finished - and then hauled on a 12 or so hour drive.

So right now, I have one idea. And I did just order a bunch of Cow Tales. Oh, and I recall being asked to make & bring some butterscotch fudge, so there's another little project to take up time near the last minute.

I know I haven't done as well last year. I was (and still am, dangit) way overweight and that kept my in-suit time way down and made dressing Orvan (or as Orvan) more problematic. Working on that. And then I used to post photos of Orvan's deliveries. A few years ago I wanted to included Jer's wedding photos and the tools I used didn't work well to add things, so I kept waiting and delaying and by the time I got things (and not just Jer's, someone else had something as well) I had forgotten so much I just let it go. And I didn't really get to things after that. I'm not sure I even sure I even have any of the photos from 2011.

I am starting to wonder if maybe I should let Orvan rest a while - though he really only shows up at Penguicon now. I haven't been able to afford, in time or money, RCFM or MFF or much of anything else for some time. I really only have two events a year now: Penguicon and the Siouxland Renaissance Festival, so I don't want to idle back any more.

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