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Eight years later...

The Minnesota Twins not long ago managed to bamboozle politicians into helping them with stadium financing - including bypassing a law requiring a referendum on such things in the to-be-afflicted area. Now the Vikings want a similar screw-the-people deal for themselves. As anyone who know me at all has figured out, I am against this. If the "investment" is so good, sell shares in the form of bonds and get financing. Since that is not happening, the logical conclusion is that the investment line is so much hogwash - after having been used to wash some rather filthy hogs.

Other sports structures have similar issues. In 2004 the Olympics returned to Greece and the Greeks built some then-shiny new things just for them. Here are a couple pictures of how they look now.[source]. Some investment that was! Only 8 years later, just more ruins - and not ones likely to attract people or generate a desire for preservation.

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