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Lessons from Penguicon, again.

1. Shed weight for real. Sure, I said that last year. Got a little ways and screwed it up. So badly that I was no better and possibly worse off this time around. The negatives show up a few ways. Sore back from the belt/pants seeming a bit tight at the lower back, even on the trip there & back. Limited time in-suit as Orvan. Simply feeling fat. Sore feet & joints. And that's the stuff I feel and notice. I don't measure blood pressure or blood sugars and a host of other things that are probably not what they really should be. I should be at least a few dozen pounds lighter.

1.a. Exercise. Yeah, reducing Calories is key, but being able to bend and breathe right will help, too.

2. That Renaissance Faire advice about drinking water or at least something without caffeine or alcohol between anything containing caffeine or alcohol? It applies outside of faire, too. Do things for taste, have just a taste, and it's okkay to say no. Drink more water. Lots more water. My liver should love me, though my bladder might be a bit annoyed.

3. Follow my own advice & limits for ACME Delivery stuff. Big bulky and heavy items are best avoided. They're hard enough to deal with out of suit. In suit they're much worse.

4. Get started MUCH earlier on ACME stuff. Any last minute scrambling should not be my own fault. My last minute prep. should be printing the final version of delivery list and packing up any last minute items suggested by others. My stuff should be ready to load in March, ideally.

5. See #1. Get out as Orvan more, even if just at con. People like him. Don't deprive them of the big ox. Besides, Orvan should have some fun, too.

5.a. Even if I don't leave the house, or even the room, put on the suit a few times years. It's a potent indicator and while the scale doesn't lie, the suit is a very powerful indicator of the state of things. Besides, it's fun - or damn well should be.

6. Don't screw this all up yet again. Use the rest of 2012 to make a better 2013.

I'm sure I forgot some things, but I think I hit the major ones.

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