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Let's Do the TimeWarp

On the 18th I placed an order. There's nothing particularly special about that. And I got an estimated delivery date of the 23rd, which is today. The item did not ship on the 18th. Or the 19th or 20th, which was no surprise being Saturday and Sunday. Nor the 21st. Nor the 22nd. Yet the delivery date kept appearing as the 23rd. And now I see this:

Date/Time   Activity    Location	
05/23/2012  22:25:00    IN TRANSIT TO[I]    MINNEAPOLIS, MN, US	
05/23/2012  22:24:00    DEPARTURE SCAN[I]   EDISON, NJ, US	
05/23/2012  20:54:00    LOCATION SCAN[I]    EDISON, NJ, US	
05/23/2012  16:34:00    ORIGIN SCAN[I]	    EDISON, NJ, US	
05/18/2012  00:08:24    BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED[M]

And guess what? Also this: Estimated delivery 05/23/2012

Which is silly. The shipping company, however, has updated its arrival estimate to something much more believable.

It's not an urgent thing and the wait itself doesn't really bother me. It's the lack of proper updating about it that bugs me.

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