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A late entry on Siouxland 2012

Thursday, Friday
It was a couple weekends ago and for various reasons I've not gotten around to writing until now, though the outline took shape much earlier. Things began with the Thursday evening arrival of my mother who got to make the trip to Siouxland and back each in a couple segments rather than one long haul from Wisconsin. My work schedule meant that we really didn't have much time to talk until the trip to Sioux Falls Friday afternoon. Still, it was good time to catch up pn things then. After checking into the hotel we went out to HuHot "Mongolian Barbecue" which was quite filling. I had a postcard for 20% a bottle of wine at the Little Cellar Wine Company (from their birthday club thing) so we made a detour there and I made my selection before returning to the hotel. Though it was early, I tried to sleep since I had been up rather early and needed to flip my schedule to diurnal.

That worked well enough for me, but Jay Maynard had a couple weather-related flight delays and arrived closer to 2 AM than the planned 11:30 or midnight. I didn't sleep all the night, and rediscovered just how annoying I now find TV. After searching in vain for news or a tolerably interesting show (yes, I know, I shouldn't expect very much at 1 AM Saturday...) I gave up and read a book.

I woke up early and tried not to make an unneeded light or sound so Jay could sleep, which made morning cleanup a bit tricky though perhaps I needn't have worried. After a shower and dressing in the mundanes I decided coffee was a Good Idea for me and checked out the hotel breakfast. The coffee was okkay, but the rest was, well, if I had wanted a light breakfast it would have been tolerable for me. I figured Jay would reject it as it was all carbs save for the hard boiled eggs. I was right. When he got up, we walked to the nearby IHOP where he had breakfast, my mother and I each had more coffee, and we had an annoying waitress - one of those that uses "we" like she's talking (down) to third graders.

The day improved from there. After garbing up & getting the faire site, the only issue was with Jay's patron pin and that was dealt with typical Siouxland efficiency. Scotch eggs were had and the wandering commenced. I had some of the "Egyptian" mead and later quipped that it had me seeing faeries - though one could see Twig with no need of mead. The patron tent was well-supplied with fudge (I ate too much, even trying to moderate that quite a bit), water, and fruit - and good company as usual.

I am unsure now if I saw any show other one (or parts of a couple) of Zilch the Tory Steller's. A good chunk of the day was taken up in the Mythical Garden where a dragon, a couple fauns (think satyr-like), a very out-of-her-element mermaid, a centaur, and Minos the minotaur were. I spent a good amount of time bantering with the centaur and girls nicknamed "Squirrel" who had climbed a bit into a tree and was harassing the centaur.

I caught up with rillaspins at the volunteer tent since I figured she might only be around for Saturday. As it was, she was around into Sunday but all of it. She hadn't heard the news of my father and was rather shocked by it. She had suggested some kebab place for supper and I told her of plans for an Indian restaurant that I had tried once, though I am unsure if there is any relation at all to the Taste of India that had closed a few years ago. After the fair we did all go there and got a new question as we had not all changed out of our faire garb yet: "Are you a band?"

Overall it was very good day, though quite long, even not staying to closing. Thus upon returning the hotel there was not much done but the very necessary. And then collapse.


By comparison to Saturday, I slept in. This time we all had breakfast at IHOP - with a much better waitress. We didn't try to make opening gate (and certainly hadn't on Saturday!) but arrived not much later. This time at the mead vendors I quipped that I was seeing faeries and thus needed a drink. (I had a grand total of two alcoholic drinks each day - and plenty of other fluids, in case you were wondering.) Twig was around again, of course, and I saw her through the day. Eventually I bought one of her books, which she more than signed (I might get another next faire) and a calendar was included[1]. I think she has become a fixture, if you can call anything as flighty as a faerie that, at Siouxland.

Taking my time wandering around, I bought a few things. A wooden-wicked candle that is supposed to have crackle to it kind of like a miniature fireplace (I've not tried it yet), some soaps (the rosemary mint is indeed quite invigorating), and some chicory that I also have yet to try.

Again, I spent quite some time with the Mythicals, and sort of became one of them, according to Minos. He had me occasionally check up on the others as to if they needed a break, water, or whatever, and had me invite the Queen and her party to the Gardens before they packed up - extending their 'stage' time to allow this visit of the Queen and all her followers. When a group photo was arranged, I was almost in it. I was about to step out when Minos insisted that was part of the group and belonged in the picture. As it was, I am not really in it - I was behind the dragon, holding some tree branches back out of the way. That's fine. I think I would have looked out of place in the picture.

Sunday was a bit hotter than Saturday, but the forecast rain never happened and that was good trade. To deal with the heat there were fluid and of course, the "Rennie Gatorade" of pickles. I wound up explaining the Order of the Eagle to someone. I am still impressed by that. And it brings up a story of a morning visit with rillaspins where, when I was leaving the volunteer I stopped to let someone go before and got told, "No, you go ahead" and it (mock?) shocked Rilla, "SHE deferred to someone?!" And got a reply to the effect unless it was a matter of preventing the end of the world, she would always defer to me (and I presume Jay). I don't mind, but it still weirds me out a bit to experience things like that. I don't feel like we really did all that much, and yet I have come to learn that what we did may well have been the critical event in steering things from "close" to "press on" - though I didn't realize it until much, much later.

The Caravan Gypsy dancers were there, which I had hoped for. They had been at Winterfeast and Siouxland was seeking sponsorship for them. I no longer have the resources to do such things, but were it still something I could do, I would have. I saw a couple of their shows and I think they did quite well. I only caught Pizpor's last show and with everyone tired, it seemed like positive feedback just wasn't there. Mind, he wasn't bad, and I suspect had I seen any other performance of his it would have been the usual riot. Other than tiredness and heat and a long day (or two), I can't think of anything that actually went amiss.

Jay left a bit early as he was still recovering from the late flights. My other and I left some time later and talked more on the trip home. Once home, I did a quick shower & change and well all went out for supper - evidently just barely in time as the restaurant was closing around as we were finishing.

Once again the Siouxland Renaissance Festival was a great gathering of great people, and this year had great weather. Saturday was about perfect, and Sunday slightly warmer. The "You are part of this group." line from Minos seems to be one more thing where I don't really get involved as I see it, but am on the periphery, and somehow still end up somewhat "inside" somehow. This is done mainly by simply showing up.

[1] The Twig calendar is not just a calendar with monthly pictures of Twig. In addition to the usual noted holidays (and the ones many calendars do not have, such as Imbolc) there are some other amusing ones, faerie or occasionally troll related.

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