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The Monitor Shuffle

Belgian is my primary computer and is in the office. I had been using a dual-screen setup on it with a 23 inch widescreen main monitor for most stuff, and an old 15 inch off to the side for more text based things. Downstairs, I have percheron set up so I can us it while on the treadmill and that use the 19 inch monitor I repaired last year. Meanwhile down in the basement Jay has the firewall and server machines and the most often used CRT.

Today I bought a 27 inch monitor, and Phase One of "The Monitor Shuffle" has already happened.

Phase One: Replace the 23 in monitor on belgian with the 27 inch monitor.

Phase Two: Replace the 19 in "square" monitor on percheron with the 23 in monitor.

Phase Three: Replace the 15 in secondary monitor on belgian with the 19 in monitor.

Phase Four: Replace the basement CRT with the 15 in LCD.

It's gone quite well so far and looks like the actual disconnect, reconnect, make sure of settings part will be easy enough. The only real difficulty will likely be cleaning and organizing things so that the larger gear fits into the correct spaces. Simple, sure, but simple is not the same as easy.

Right now, a bit of rest as I enjoy the nice big monitor.

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