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Settings changed. Damn spammers.

I'd long had things set up so that those without LJ accounts could comment, but I would have to review and approve such things before they became visible. That has just changed. No more anonymous comments. I don't like doing this, but so far I don't recall ANY non-spammer making an 'anonymous' comment this year. But it's been nothing but a parade of spammers. That ends now.

It finally occurred to me that the one big reason I hadn't made that change before has gone. My father, who did not create an LJ account, would occasionally comment. He certainly won't be commenting any more. And whatever real comments would show up on my rants about a couple companies with dubious advertising seem to have tapered off to nothing. And because those posts were more commonly linked to, they tended to attract spambots.

So, now one must have an LJ account to comment here. I'd still rather not do this, but until spammers are all "sponged and purged and, if need be, blasted from the surface of the earth" this is the best option to stop the bastards in my journal.

Spammers delenda est!
(or is it Spammers delendae sunt! ? )

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