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Good Idea, Bad News

For a couple years I had a part-time job, to help fill things in a bit, that took up every other weekend. The person who ran the place had another job as well, helping care for a few folks with some disabilities, including one fellow who had some sort of nerve disorder that kept him in a wheelchair and made it hard for him to communicate. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be, or have been, as his mind worked just fine, but it was trapped in a body that didn't operate very well.

I often wound up baking cakes or brownies, one of the nights before this job and brought them in. Sometimes coworkers would enjoy them, sometimes one would take the works home ("Oh, good, I forgot to make a birthday cake. I can use this!" happened once) and sometimes the manager would take it to the other job for "the guys." It got to where they decided to get me a covered cake pan to make it a bit easier for all of us - it would be less work for me to make a single sheet left in the pan than a layer cake, and it would be simpler to handle for them as it would take less care than worrying about a layer cake sliding around in a plastic cake container of dubious integrity. It worked out quite well.

I found out, eventually, about the wheelchair bound fellow and that any cake or brownie served to him had to be cut up into bite sized pieces (of course) and soaked in milk to make sure it was more than just normal cake soft and easily swallowed. After that I was careful about not adding chips or M&Ms or such to brownies for "the guys" as I might have done, to avoid complicating things.

It eventually occurred to me that a tres leches cake would be ideal - it's already soaking in milk. But such a thing needs refrigeration and generally the fridge didn't have room for a cake pan. That is, until recently, when I made a point of keeping one drawer empty or nearly so. A couple weeks back I made a tres leches cake (from a mix, as usual) to try it myself. I wanted to be sure of things before having anyone else try it, just to be sure of things. It worked quite well, as one would expect from a mix.

Last night I baked another, and this morning took it over with the explanation of why I choose that particular cake rather than something not needing to be kept chilled. And then I was informed, or perhaps re-informed that the fellow I had had in mind had died in November. I might well have been told that back in November and had forgotten or had not realized, by name. exactly who it was. So.. well, I felt rather awkward. However, evidently this fellow's name has been coming up a fair amount of late and the idea that someone was thinking of him will over well with "the guys." I still feel rather odd about this. I am pretty sure I was told but... somehow missed it or forgot in the few months or it didn't register that it was that person. And of course, it's too late for him, no matter how good the intent might have been. So, yeah, it's an awkward feeling.

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