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No more dividends...

Some years ago Siouxland Renaissance Festival had a problem - the results of the (in)famous mudfest where they were all but rained out. Back then, the economy was working much better than it is now and I had nontrivial savings built up and helped things out a bit and basically bought a several-year subscription to their top patron package. A couple years later there was another issue and jmaynard was able to extend that subscription. Thus for the last several years we had the patron package and it just happened.

Well, Thursday's mail did not have the usual "Here's your tickets and other things" letter of the last few years, but a request to renew. Which we would do if we could. As it is, well this is not a properly working economy. This is the Great Dempression. So, while we will be going to Siouxland (we will NOT miss it) the fancy patron package of stuff simply isn't happening unless there's some sudden monetary influx - and there's more pressing things with claims on that, should it happen.

It was nice while it lasted, and I was glad that we could do it, especially when it was at the most critical of times. I'd like to do it again, but as I've said, "There are no more rabbits in that hat." And, really, there aren't. Damnit.

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