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Siouxland Renaissance Festival 2013 (#12)

Once again Siouxland was a one-weekend event at Lyon's fairgrounds in Sioux Falls and it was a bit of a mixed weekend. Saturday was chilly and windy, with the threat of scattered rains (though at least not outright storms). Things were delayed at opening gate and seemed a bit less organized than other years, though given dealing with winds a slight delay was understandable. The site was damp, but not excessively wet, at least in most places. There was no danger of a repeat of the infamous mudfest. My mother & friend were there Saturday and despite the weather, had a good time. Pizpoor did quite well, I'd heard. Zilch was up to his usual standards. The "Egyptian" mead sold well - as it always does. There was a rather bawdy act at a stage that seemed to be away from everything, which made some sense. Though I think that was really the only more bawdy act and the rather distant-feeling location of the "dragon" stage might have been a disadvantage to the other acts on it.

Jay had had to do some remote work was thus up late, and early, and I had inverted my schedule so we didn't stay the full faire-day but left a bit early to catch a much-needed nap. No arrangements had been made to dine with anyone, which may have been as well. Larger groups come with complications and the four of us were quickly seated at a (alright, the) Indian restaurant. I do not believe anyone was disappointed, though I might not have the vindaloo at full heat again.

Sunday morning Jay & I made it to the festival only an hour or so later than planned or hoped, due to the remote work. My mother & friend had left earlier on a trip west. Zilch was good, as always, though it was amusing to him gather up an audience - and I think I had the most fun watch one gal in the audience who if she had seen Zilch before, it sure didn't seem like it. Saturday I had spent watching a few acts and wandering, and had completely missed the Mythical Garden. Sunday I was not going to let that happen again and so met Freya (the "baby" dragon), a faun, a couple out-of-their element mermaids (the elder one did an excellent job of staying in character and seeming astonished amused at what humans did and the things they carried), a female centaur (the fellow last year wasn't about, nor was 'Squirrel' and while this year's centaur did as well anyone likely could, the ongoing comedic banter was missed) and of course Minos was there. I hadn't heard until later that he was scrambling to find folks at even the last minute to fill spots and could have used one or two more. Perhaps next year I might risk greater involvement than the rather peripheral involvement I've had the last few years (Note to self: reduce tonnage). I might need to see about some sort of cold-pack. I know from experience that being still for an extended time is quite possibly the most difficult thing one can do in-suit/costume. This has me pondering the to-me peculiar idea of going to the faire in mundanes, as that would make changing easier. It's probably a Good Thing there's about a year to ponder this.

At Winterfeast Jay had won us, in the silent auction, a package of a few things which included spots at the Sunday Smoker. We had always avoided that for the added expense (not big, but it's there), the smoke, and it took time from other things. This time, the expense was taken care of, we reasoned that the smoke of (hopefully better) cigars would be less objectionable than cigarette smoke, and we'd take the time to find out. It was nice enough, with more bawdy entertainment, a good sampling of various beers (the one clunker in the works, we thought, was one I'd already bought a 6-pack of out of curiosity and we'd decided we didn't need to do it again. While not actually bad, it simply didn't stand out). There was only one fellow smoking at our table he was quite considerate about it. It was a nice enough time, and it was nice to have the glasses to take with us, but I suspect we'll put the Smoker in the "Did that, don't need to do it again - at least for a few years" category. Our curiosity has been satisfied.

One curious thing was that, not having a Patron Package, I didn't visit the Patron tent at all - and oddly I didn't really miss it. Maybe it was simply a mindset thing, I am not sure. Perhaps the biggest part of that is while I certainly still had too many Calories, the ever-present fudge was not a contributing factor.

The only issue(s) I knew about were the weather or weather-related on Saturday. If there were any others, they were not readily apparent. I'd say that is a good indicator of success.

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