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Relearning how to tie shoelaces?

A while back there was a strange article in Cracked (alright, that may be redundant) about the most efficient ways to do various things. Many didn't make much of an impression or seemed impractical, if not outright silly. A couple struck me as interesting, however, and have proven to have some benefit. One is that I have a new, compared what I learned as a kid, way of tying my shoelaces. The supposed fast-to-tie efficiency isn't there, but what is there is better.

For all too long it seems that my shoelaces would untie themselves. I would usually discover this at a less than convenient time, as if there was a good time time for such. The Ian knot takes a little practice and isn't something that one picks up quickly to the fluid fluency of a knot that one has been using daily or nearly so ever since early childhood. But that knot stays tied even though it's quite simple and it seems like it ought to untie quickly. It does, but only if you want it to. The little extra time to tie the Ian knot is worth it as there's no having to re-tie it a couple hours later.

There's plenty of other knots and lacing patterns on that site, and they might all be useful, but the Ian knot seems to be the gem of the site.

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