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Siouxland 2014


Due to scheduling TARFU (guy making the schedule claims he called me - that is most probably true - and left a message, that is absolutely, utterly FALSE) I wound up working Friday night rather than sleeping in Sioux Falls as expected. I slept some on the way to the Siouxland Renaissance Festival but it wasn't much.

There was, through the weekend, the various bits of catching up with various folks and the seeing of a few shows/acts, as well as the drinking of some good beer and some very good mead. To my surprise I even liked the rhubarb. One thing jay & I have done at faires is buy soap - and we had run out of all the stuff he'd consider using (there are three bars of soap that I will use, but he says are just too flowery) and so some more soap was purchased.

I almost missed the Mythical Garden folks on Saturday. Oops. And immediately noticed the absence of a centaur. I asked Minos about this and he told me that they were missing a person. I hung around for a while and helped him (probably very little, really) back to his prep. tent and eventually we did a very quick "does this even fit at all" rough test of me as a centaur. Conclusion: imperfect (I am short) but probably workable. I asked if he wanted me for it for Sunday and was told it was my choice. My next question was when to be there for prep. Considering my usual online name (the one I am posting under, now), could I not do this?

The afternoon went well and fast. And after the faire we checked in at the hotel where I very carefully did not lie down, figuring I might well not get up again. Good move. I nearly fell asleep at the Indian restaurant. The chicken vindaloo was... not lacking in firepower. Ice cream was called for. I think I best stick to the curry, that was a bit much for me. And yet I was still barely awake.

I recall waking up every couple hours or so, but then usually going right back to sleep.


Decided to do the hotel breakfast, partly as it was the most immediate source of caffeine and even with a night's sleep, I was concerned about wakefulness and withdrawal. Also, I went unusually carb-heavy to avoid anything greasy (on Minos' recommendation to avoid greasy things) such as the dubious scrambled eggs and the sausage links.

Next year, assuming I play the centaur (or anything else, really - and the dragon is really the only other workable at all option, I suspect) I ought to get some Gatorade & water for it and start using it a bit early. As it was, I bought a couple bottles of water and a bottle of Gatorade (need to reverse that ratio!) just before prep. That was one mistake. Another was telling my mother that I expected to be out around 11 AM rather than noon as things were scheduled. I simply goofed on the timing there. And the third was underestimating the difficulty of standing there. Just standing? Easy. Standing without much ability to move around (the centaur's rear legs are static) in hooves (think heels) for a couple hours. Well, it's easy enough most of the time. But either I didn't have enough water soon enough or I didn't go to the Gatorade soon enough.

I'm not sure just what happened, but I did not fall over as I recall, but when the rear started to go, I decided not to fight it (I had earlier) and went down with it.. and stayed down, and told others to leave me down for a while. I think that's when I had the rest of the Gatorade and a few minutes later I was fine and soon back on my hooves for the rest of the time.

It was interesting seeing folks reactions. Some went along with the mythical creature bit, some were clearing talking to the actor/guy in a suit, and some were trying to get me out of character without being quiet about it (faire folk will generally quietly ask if I am alright, etc.)

From right to left, it was a Faun, a (baby) Dragon, me as the Centaur (Sunday only), Minos the Minotaur, and a well-shaded Mermaid. From the performer's point of view, the dragon has it the hardest - it's a full suit and even with internal fans and some shade, it gets hot. The faun is sitting and it's partial suit (normal top, furry legs & hooves) and the mermaid has it made, lying down on a nicely padded wagon, in a tent. Hooves, for those who have not worn them, are, in way, high heels. This makes mobility a problem for the faun, Minos, and the centaur (even aside from the rear legs being static). The faun and Minos can sit down. The centaur stands - or lies. Yes, shifting about helps some, but it's still standing in heels for a couple hours. While I have worn hooves before, even more severely inclined, I have not done it for that long a stretch.

Despite my fall and lack of altitude, Minos (the costumer) asked if I'd be back for it next year. He knows I will be at the faire, but I would be one of the Mythical next year? I told him I would if needed, but if he found another centaur I would not be offended. If I do this next year, I think I need to start practicing some things now. (How do I practice the hooves/heels? Hrmm... then, it's not like I haven't wanted to rig up something for the unicorn that debuted at Penguicon - but I was planning something more plantigrade precisely to avoid the digitigrade high-heel issue.) Granted, one thing will be easier next year - I have reasserted my efforts and my weight is reducing. Less fat will help with endurance all around. And I know to start the Gatorade earlier. And I had an idea to add to the show, which might happen next year if I have the chance. Nope, not saying it here. Not yet.

Also, Dragons & Mermaids get all the love - or at least most of the attention. The dragon is a full suit and doesn't look very human (while the faun, centaur, and minotaur all have at least some human aspects) and the mermaid outfit was very colorful and I am sure the colorful fins attracted youngster's attention. And mermaids are not "scary monsters" like most of the rest of the Mythicals there. I did have some fun with that, once. A couple boys had been told to stand each side of me for a photo and I asked their names. They replied and I asked, "Oh. Not Lunch and Dinner?" (might have been more appropriate for Minos, huh?) They denied this naming, though their mother opined it was not an entirely bad idea.

After the Mythicality, was a much needed lunch - and I think I messed up and had no caffeine or very little. I was fine while still at the faire, and saw a bit of a show or two (the sound balance for one act was better outside the pub tent, IMO), spoke to a vendor who turned out to be 'Best New Vendor' who almost hadn't made it in - and bought a small item from her as we talked of things in memory that younger folks can't recall. Caught up with Lady Essex for a bit. Bought a few more bars of soap from a different vendor who had it in odd shapes, but I found some that were at least close to "just a bar of soap" and bought this year's Siouxland t-shirt (and sprung for 'unicorn' on the back).

I do not recall the trip home. I recall walking back to the car, stopping for gas... and I might have been asleep before we left the station. I am sure I slept for (almost?) all of I-90 as I didn't wake up until we slowed for the exit. Unloaded, unpacked, made a cursory check of things (there had been a short power glitch) and then we both decided that supper could be skipped and it was time for (more) sleep.

And yes, there are pictures of me as a centaur. They are for another post.

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