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A Few Photos from Siouxland

As you can see, I am just a bit short for the centaur setup as it is (was?) and thus the equine back leans down and forward some. But better a tilted centaur than no centaur, so... on with the show. Or something. Also, yes the site is a county fairgrounds and the background reveals the parking lot. There is site work being done so that, eventually, the faire or parts of it will be in a more secluded or at least less obviously modern built-up area. I'd rather have a great faire at a so-so site than a poor faire at a fantastic site - and I have experienced that.

"Ah, yes, right there, thank you." Or maybe it was the kid who had to touch all over to be sure what was real and how much so.

"What, you've never been on your feet all day and needed to lie down for a while?"

That's Minos on the right. And a couple girls showing off the rope they made.

Rose the faun being guided to her spot. The fellow in red was the handler/gopher/guide for all the Mythicals.

Freya the dragon is in the foreground. Alas, the wonderful lady who goes on so well about Freya is blocked in this view.

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