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Borosilicate update

A new borosilicate glass 8 x 8 pan arrived recently. It's not inexpensive, but it's also not cheap soda-lime junk either. It's French-made under the name 'Arcuisine' (evidently "European Pyrex" which is still proper borosilicate glass - good to 300 C which is 570 F, rather than only 425 F). I've now used it once and am so far happy with it.

I do not plan to abuse it like was done for these extreme tests but those do show that borosilicate will outlast soda-lime under extreme conditions.

It looks like right now if I want decent glass bakeware my choices are Arcuisine (French) or Simax (Czech). Both cost, but both are right proper borosilicate. So called "pyrex" (lower case) and Anchor are both now mere soda-lime and not worth bothering with unless I expect to never heat or chill them much. A "pyrex" mixing bowl is probably fine. A "pyrex" pan is wasted money.

I have two measuring cups. One is labeled PYREX (upper case) and is absolutely clear. It's older, and proper borosilicate. The other is newer and 'pyrex' (all lower case) and has the telltale green tinge of mere soda-lime glass. The answer is clear: I buy Arcuisine or Simax. World Kitchen (who bought the pyrex name from Corning) does not deserve my money - unless they start making things of proper borosilicate glass. Neither does Anchor Hocking, for the very same reason. Simple rule: Bakeware with a green tinge is crap - DO NOT BUY. Soda-lime won't always be given away by the green tinge, but if you see it, leave it on the shelf rather than waste your money on shatter-prone garbage.

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